Letchworth Scale Model Club

            Letchworth Scale Model Club

            Competition Classes & Rules


Competition Classes


        1. Single Figure.     Stock figure, up to 65mm.

        2. Single Figure.     Stock figure, over 65mm.

        3. Mounted Figure. Stock figure, up to 65mm.

        4. Mounted Figure. Stock figure, over 65mm.

        5. Figure Conversion. Stock foot or mounted figure which has been converted, or a totally scratch-built figure, any

                                               medium, scale or period.

        6. Vignette.2 or 3 Figures, stock figures or conversions, in any scale or period, with 1 animal permitted per figure. 

        7. Flats.     two-dimensional figures, single or group, any scale, period or subject made in any material.

        8. Military Vehicles. Incl. prime movers, towing vehicles and mobile artillery, kit or conversion, any scale or period.

        9. Non-Military Vehicles. Motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, etc, any scale or period.

        10. Aircraft.        Military, civilian or commercial, stock, conversion or scratch-built, any material, scale or period.

        11. Busts.            Head & Shoulders etc. Any scale or period.

        12. Diorama.        Four or more figures, mounted or on foot, with or without vehicles, one animal permitted per figure, any scale or period.

        13. Toy Soldiers.        A presentation of not more than 20 figures, scratch-built, conversion or modification.

        14. Fantasy/Sci-Fi.     Non-factual characters, creatures, vehicles, etc.

        15. Miscellaneous.       Any subject not covered by another senior class.



        16. Figures or Transport. Military or civilian, single or diorams presentation, any scale.

        17. Miscellaneous. Any subject, incl. Science Fiction/Fantasy and wargame units.

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