Letchworth Scale Model Club

            Letchworth Scale Model Club?

                                                                                        Competition Classes & Rules

Competition Classes

1. Single foot figure, up to and including 65mm.

2. Single foot figure 70mm and above.

3. Single mounted figure, any scale, mounted on horse or any other animal.

4. Busts, any subject, any scale.

5. Vignettes;- groups of up to 3 figures, with or without animals or vehicles

6. Dioramas, any theme, any scale, with or without animals or vehicles.

7. JIM WOODLEY TROPHY—Fiat figures, single or groups.

8. Military vehicles, up to and including 1/48, AFV, softskin or artillery.

9. Military vehicles, above 1/48, AFV, softskin or artillery.

10. Civilian vehicles, any scale, motorised, steam or pedal powered.

11. Aircraft up to and including l/72nd scale.

12. Aircraft above l/72nd scale..

13. Ships and any other floating things (rafts, canoes, coracles) - any scale.

14. Sci-fi / fantasy, figures, creature’s vessels etc.

15. Wargames. Based unit of wargames figures, foot or mounted

16. Wargames. Based unit of wargames vehicles or artillery

17. BMSS Trophy for members of Letchworth SMC or local BMSS Members.


                               Two classes Figures and  Vehicles (inc all transport)::

                    Any subject, any scale Military, Civilian, SciFi or Fantasy. Single or groups

18.  Figures: For ages up to 12years old

19. Vehicles:    For ages up to 12years old

20. Figures: For 13 to 16 year olds

21. Vehicles: For 13 to 16 year olds 



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