Letchworth Scale Model Club

KLIO - Arbeitsgruppe SHOGUN


An internation membership of people with an interest in the culture, history and modelling of the SAMURAI.We edit and produce a range of 30mm flat figures.

Many exhibitions of authentic and antique armour and models have been presented by Rod Johnson, the UK Representative - who can be contacted on 01438 814225



The Basement Webzine and its Forum


The Basement webzine exists to provide an informative resource regarding figure modelling, and is updated with new articles, reviews, show reports and reference photos on a regular basis.     It accepts articles from anyone who is interested in writing about their hobby, and is designed to be an easily accessed reference source that will gradually build into an exhaustive and invaluable tool for figure modellers.  It is free to access online, and can be reached at -             https://www.planetfigure.com/

 With that in mind, the Basement Forum acts as an online meeting place, where as a visitor you can look at what forum members are doing / have already done, view some of the new releases that are coming out, and read what some of the forum members are chatting about. There is also a detailed schedule of local shows, with some international show dates given too.   Membership to the forum is free, and everyone – if they have an interest in figure modelling – is welcome. There is a vast amount of knowledge to be tapped on the forum, from Euro Militaire Gold Medal winners and Judges, to internationally recognised sculptors. Beginners are particularly welcome, the ethos being that we can all help each other improve, no matter what the skill level.

British Model Soldier Society


 British Flat Figure Society


The Society seeks to encourage the collecting, studying, painting and displaying of the flat tin figure in all its forms.

A friendly, non-competitive meeting is held once a year and the Society is represented at some model figure events such as Euromilitaire and Kulmbach. Notice of these is given in the Forum.

Membership is open to all and is not restricted to the United Kingdom. Registration at the Forum is open to all, members and non-members alike, but anyone not giving a real email address will be deleted.


Model Soldiers & War Gaming

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