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Competition Classes 2023

This year there is to be a reduction in the overall number of classes due to of the amount of table space available. Increasing the amount of space for Club Displays and Traders, whilst keeping a good balance, has meant a few sacrifices. There will now be twelve individual categories to maintain a reasonable breadth of classes. 

 In each category an award will be made for "Best in Class" with a runner-up. A trophy will also be awarded for "Best in Show" entry in any class any scale.

Juniors will submit their entries into the same classes. An award will be made in the junior categories for the best entry by person up to 10 years old and from 11 to 16 years

Each entry should be accompanied by an entry form one colour for adults, one colour for juniors up to 11 years old and a final colour for juniors 11 to 16. Each entry will cost 50p, Juniors free.

1. Single foot or mounted figure - Any scale

2. Busts, any subject - any scale.

3. JIM WOODLEY TROPHY—Flat figures, single or groups.

4. Military vehicles - 1/48 and above: AFV, softskin or artillery.

5. Military vehicles - below 1/48: AFV, softskin or artillery.

6. Aircraft, military or civilian - 1/48 and above.

7. Aircraft, military or civilian - below1/48 scale.

8. Science Fiction or fantasy any scale, any subject.

9. Vignette and Dioramas - base mounted or boxed; any scale

10. Civilian vehicles, any scale, motorised, steam or pedal powered.

11. War game figures, vehicles or aircraft: a unit of 12 or more pieces

12. Ships and any other floating things (rafts, canoes, coracles) - any scale.


          Junior entry is accepted in all classes and will be judged separately.



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