Letchworth Scale Model Club - Jim Woodley

DIE ZINNFIGUR    - A German art form which now has worldwide acceptance with a wide range of topics and sizes. The "Flat Figure" is a miniature work of art in its casting state but, combined with the skill of a brush and pigment they become true masterpieces. Jim Woodley took this aspect of modelling and made it his own.         

The next few pictures show a small selection of his work. 

Charles the Bold (1433-1467) Bergundians


Dr Ulrich Lehnart

The Kings & Queens of England – by Gottstein   [part]


The Ancient Egyptians


Marauding Assyrians




A Romany Camp by Vimor


 The British Royals - edited by Jim Woodley and engraved by Lepettier

The Tournament - Knights of the Golden Fleece


Jim Woodley {left} in great form at the Great Zinnfigur Borse with Rod Johnson and Phil Redman.

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